Thursday 13 June 2013

Unknown device on DELL XPS 13


I use a DELL XPS 13 Ultrabook. Though Windows 7 was the bundled operating system, I have upgraded to Windows 8. Though it all work fine, I see a device in device manager marked as unknown. The properties dialog lists the hardware IDs as ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33A0, ACPI\INT33A0 and *INT33A0. My attempts to search DELL driver download have failed as I could not find the appropriate driver. Can you help me find and fix this?

By: Rakesh Sharma


INT33A0 should be the port for Intel Smart Connect Technology (iSCT). Given that Windows 8 is designed as the OS for PCs and as well as smart devices, there is a need to use the communication components even when the device is in sleep mode. Intel's iSCT enables this feature and this feature is controlled by the System BIOS. Not all hardware may have support for this feature, but those that have the support would have a setting in BIOS to enable this capability. Just make sure, you may check out your BIOS and try disabling this feature and you may notice the 'Unknown device' disappear in the device manager.

The driver for this feature can be downloaded here on the Intel website. Try installing this component and see if your problem gets resolved. You may have to run the installer using 'Run As Administrator', even though the user account with which you have logged in has Administrator privileges.

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