Sunday 14 July 2013

Testing SOAP Webservice APIs


I am working on an integration project where the components that we build need to consume a set of Webservice APIs. While the vendor has shared the documentation and test accounts for us, I am curious if there would be a simple tool which help me to browse through the various methods and test the same on the fly. I know that we can quickly build a test driver using the proxy class for the given wsdl. However, a generic tool might be of great use as it saves time and it can be used for different services as well.

By: Kathiravan Venkatesan


As you have acknowledged, it is quite easy to quickly build a proxy component and then write simple methods around the exposed web methods to test the webservice APIs. And yes there are tools to test SOAP web services as well that can be used to test a multitude of service APIs. One such tool that I have used in the past is SoapUI by SmartBear, which has a professional and a free open source edition. The free version is good enough to browse through the various web methods and test them as well.

I would suggest you to explore the features of SoapUI to know more about the tool's capabilities. The usage is simple and straight forward. Once you create a new project the tool helps build a tree of web methods based on the wsdl of the service. You can create as many test data against each services and execute instantly to see the output as well Moreover, the test data can be dynamic from a wide range of external data sources. Thus this tool can be very handy for performing the functional testing of webservices.

In addition, the tool can be used to perform load testing and security testing as well. The tool can also supports simulation, i.e. mock the services, which will be very useful during the development stage. There is more to it and I would suggest you to explore, though some of the features are part of the pro version.