Thursday 6 November 2014

Windows Steps Recorder - For Problem Reporting


I work in QA department, where reporting issues and defects with all supporting details to well describe the problem is key. We usually use a screen capture tool to capture the images, but then to assemble them as a problem report, we need to depend upon MS Word or such other tool. I am writing to you to check if there is a better tool that helps to perform this task even better.

By: Krishnan Sadasivam


If you are asking about a tool for screen capture, Snipping tool, which is part of Windows OS from version 7 onwards is a nice tool to capture parts of the screen. There is another tool which again is part of the Windows OS from version 7 upwards, which is called 'Steps Recorder'. This tool captures your actions and associated screen and produce a descriptive output, which will make it a lot easier for the problem reporter and the problem sover. Here is how it works in Windows 8 or 8.1:

  • Press Windows Key+Q to bring up the search panel on the right.
  • Type steps and you will see the "Steps Recorder" tool show up in the search results
  • Click on it and it will launch the Steps Recorder Tool

  • Click on the Record button and then start reproducing the problem you want to report. 
  • As the recording is in progress, you have the option of adding comments to certain specific area of screen by highlighting it.
  • Once done click on stop recording and your actions is compiled as multiple steps and optionally as a slide show.

  • You have option to save the steps as a compiled html and email it as well.

This free tool will certainly be handly for reporting computer software problems.

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