Saturday 21 September 2013

How to take Screen Shot in Android Phone?


I have seen my friends taking and sharing screen images using their iPhone. While I think that this should be possible in Android Phones as well, I could not figure out how to take screen shots in my HTC One M7 running Android Jelly Bean.

By: Niranjan Babu


Yes, Android natively supports taking screen shots in Ice Cream Sandwitch and Jelly Bean versions. It is not an explicit menu or a built in app though. The trick is that while you are at a screen that need to be framed, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. You may have to hold press and hold these buttons for about two seconds or little more, until you hear the camera click sound and visually see the screen being framed and saved into the Pictures/ScreenShots folder. Some specific vendor tweaked versions may have explicit touch buttons within certain applications.

For those who are using older Android versions like Gingerbread or earlier, then you are left with the option of using an application. You may search through the app store and find as many applications that facilitate taking screen shots. Beware that some of such apps may require you to root your OS, which is not recommended as certain manufacturer specific features may stop working once you root your phone.

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